Our art exhibition is a curation of artist of different practices using their skill and creative expression to speak to our festival audience. Which has been your favourite artist of the festival? One vote can change it all. Please place your votes below



A self taught Arabic calligraphy artist . I was born and brought up in Kashmir and completed my Master degree from Kashmir before moving to England for further studies .


Art has always been in my soul but due to lack of resources in my early age I could not learn it as formal education. Since last 5 years, I invest more time & resources in it and by grace of almighty & with the help of Luton Culture I had my solo exhibition in 2018 which was a great success.  My work has gone to countries like Australia & America & Middle East and people do like my unconventional style. 


I am a self taught artist from Luton, and I have been sculpting now for around 10 years. I got into sculpture through my welding and engineering qualifications and full time work, at the time.

Over the years I have exhibited in Luton at the Wardown Park Museum in 2009 and 2010. Letchworth arts centre 2011. Ashridge house 2011. Bothy Vineyard 2013, Oxfordshire. Circle Reading Hospital 2014. But to me there would be nothing better than to exhibit my work once again in my home town of Luton


I am defined as a visual artist using photography and montage. I use Photoshop as an integral tool for my work. 


I am a mixed media artist and sculptor from Reading, Berkshire and the founder of Black British Visual Artists. My work is inspired by many things; ancestry, emotions, mental health, self acceptance and healing.  I love to create artwork that speaks to people on a personal level - each piece has its own journey and story. I believe that every piece I create will resonate with someone, somewhere. I am a strong advocate of art as a form of creative therapy and I strongly believe that engaging in art - whether in a creative capacity or a voyeuristic role - has a beneficial effect on our mental health and personal wellbeing.


Emanza Art specialises in original contemporary abstract art. The artist fuses a mixture of colours, textures and techniques to create emotion on canvas, using the artists own personal experiences.
Emanza’s work is inspired by several different artists namely, Jackson Pollock who used free throw of paint and colour creating a magical world; Pablo Picasso, distorting the image and presenting it as the most beautiful piece of abstract art and Van Gogh, his sense of reality captured in the paintings. However, Emanza’s contemporary abstract art is primarily inspired by her children Emaan and Hamza; their laughter, happiness and freedom is a huge element in the work produced.
Distortion of objects or images are commonly used within abstract art. This allows everyday items to become the most beautiful fantasies.


I am a Leicester based multidisciplinary artist. Clarke studied his BA at De Montfort University with a year spent studying in Bulgaria. He is now studying a Masters in Art. His works are abstract figurative depicting the human form as gelatinous figures depicted in a fixed state of decay. Having exhibited twice in Bulgaria, and commissioned by an arts festival in Florida, Clarke isn’t new to the international table. He has exhibited locally around Leicester with a piece permanently exhibited at DMU, and has won awards from various establishments.