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Best Short Film

What has been your favourite Best Short FIlm? One vote can change it all. Please place your votes below

Best Short Film
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A woman reverts into self-loathing and food abuse after her actions cause a relationship to fail - the fallout documented in voice notes and lack of responses.



Tess avoids her breast cancer diagnosis while housesitting her childhood home. When her estranged cousin arrives unannounced to “comfort” her, it's clear he has unresolved issues of his own.

An evening with mum.png


A strict Nigerian mother and her son, Olu, make a pit stop at a bizarre petrol station where she finds out he’s not quite the Christian boy she thought she raised...

1. The Monster At Home.png

Monster at Home

A boy young boy is trapped at home with his deranged mother in this kinetic horror thriller.

5. A Sorry Story- Poster.png

A Sorry Story

Fresh from release, Kevin travels to the highlands to visit a childhood best friend he hasn't seen or spoken to in years. Haunted by the one sorry mistake that changed everything,



Yasmin, an impressionable South Asian teen, finds herself trapped between her strict, traditional family and the man she is in love with. One night, when Yasmin sneaks out to a party, she inadvertently starts a chain of events that changes her life forever.


one In Three

6 year old Sarah has started to notice that her parents arguing has escalated. With her mother suffering from Obsessive Personality Disorder, and her father struggling with pressure from work, tensions build up over dinner one night causing revelations to spill out.

Happier Alone.jpg

Happier Alone

Happier Alone is a short stop motion animation film by Lili Giacobino depicting the preferred lifestyle of an introverted man who has come to the realisation that he is happiest when he is living alone.

4. LOVE.jpg


An unrequited love story, starring British autistic TV and film actor Jules Robertson. This bittersweet film tells the story of Oscar, a complex character with unique needs but the same hopes and desires as anyone.

2. The Magentalman and The Gentlemint.png

The Magentalman
and The Gentlemint

The Magentalman lives an ordinary life in his empty world, every day is the same. Life is boringly black and white, until there’s green. Mint green. 
A gay love story about how it feels to find your soulmate.



A new day begins in Miguel's lonely life. One more day, in which his only company is his old and habitual radio in the living room, the one that never fails him. But today is different. Today, more than ever, a nostalgic and homesick feeling takes hold of our main character.

10. A-Normal-RRSS.jpg

(AB) Normal

Leo, Juan, David and Lucio cross paths at their gym´s locker room. Four people, four different ways to understand masculinity: The conflict is on the air.



A man lost in a landscape accepts a lift from a stranger.

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