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Breakthrough Film

This category is dedicated to those up and coming filmmakers who have in the recent year started film making. What has been your favourite Breakthrough Film? One vote can change it all. Please place your votes below

Mantis - Poster.jpg
Breakthrough film


Deceitfully playing with stereotypes, Mantis questions whether identity is something imposed on us or something to be uncovered. The short film follows a young woman of Asian descent fulfilling the expectation of Western society.


Aziz is a Senegalese migrant living in a crowded apartment in Barcelona. He normally sells cheap clothing on the street but for one day he will become a king.

6. check in.jpg


A story about a young man who is coming to terms with the daily tolls of mental health issues, and the affects it has in his daily life.

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In an all but motionless small town, the movement of a marble ball awakens a drowsy soul. "Cochlea" is the descent into the mind of an old man who can't help but going round and round, prisoner of his thoughts and trapped in his past.


From Under The Bridge: When Bullies Become Trolls

A lonely high school girl escapes depression and her bullies when she meets the perfect boy online, but is he too good to be true? A multi-faceted bullying & cyberbullying awareness story you won't believe is inspired by REAL EVENTS.



Development of greed in a child, who stuck between two oppressing forces and lack of motherly help, has to make sacrifices that influence their core being.

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