Can we talk about the big ol' Luton shaped elephant in the room?

What's the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Luton?

Awesome airport, right?

The fifth biggest in the whole of the UK by the way, you're welcome - this is not sponsored by Luton Airport. Or if you haven't experienced the joys of air travel at Luton Airport - come on guys that was twice now, take the hint #sponsorus : ) - then maybe just luscious fields. You'd be wrong, there is so much more to Luton than that. From the Mall, which won an award for being awesome back in the 50s, to the hat industry that was doing well back in the 50s, to that town hall clock that was definitely there in the 50s. Fast forward to 2017 and two of those three things are doing well.

Here at Bute Street we decided to bring back the 'cool' in 'Luton is cool' and add to the growing creative renascence happening in our little airport town. So, in 2018 in the month of March we are going to bring to you the 1st edition of the super cool, ultra suave, bucket list addable Bute Street Film Festival. All because this sign on the side of the Hat Factory told us to.

There will be short films, there will be art, there will be Q&As, there will be snacks and there will be an airport a short drive away. So fly in, drive in, take the train in to what will be one of the coolest events taking place this side of London in 2018. Be there or you wont be 1950s Luton cool, nobody wants that!

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