Life is an adventure!

I recently read a piece regarding a twenty-something year old girl who sadly passed away. Before she did she wrote a letter titled 'A bit of life advice from Hol:', since reading it I am convinced that it is slowly and quietly changing the way that I view life. In it she described coming to terms with her mortality, her dreams, her fears and the simple things that she wishes that she could do just one more time. It was powerful, profound and extremely touching and what I took from it is this:

Life is an adventure!

Experience it, live it, be in the moment with it every single second of the day. Life is to be experienced and explored. The good, the bad and the ugly are all part of the tapestry of that experience so don't shy away from any of it.

Picture this.

You're 5 years old - or whatever age you felt sweets were life - and you have been put in a sweet store - aka life - full of millions of different sweets more than you can imagine - aka experiences, such as love, excitement, quad biking etc. but with real sweets like the ones from the 90s full of sugar and awesome badness - and you have been given an hour - aka your life span - to taste and try as many sweets as your heart desires.

As you go absolutely nuts - even pre-sugar rush - running around this store opening as many of those large jars of American imported sweets. You are high on sugar and life and you are loving it. You happen to open a couple jars and the sweets are a bit bitter and they only get worse as you open another and find - shock horror and a complete sweet high killer - the liquorice allsorts aka devil sweets. Knowing that you only have an hour to potentially have the most complete and amazing experiences do you:

A) stop, give up and spend the rest of your time in the sweet shop complaining about 'the devil' sweets. Assuming that the rest are just as terrible.

Or B) wash out your mouth - several times - and carry on. Realising that the sweet shop has so much more to offer and has so much more for you to experience and more importantly you only have an hour.

That's a picture of a baby on the phone telling someone that they are busy and only have an hour. I'm convinced of it.

As creatives more than most we should aspire to be that kid in that sweet shop of life as that is what informs our work, inspires it and gives it life.

Life experiences.

We need to embrace the process and not see it as a stumbling block or the enemy of our dreams and aspirations.

'For in those little moments greatness can be found' - Bute Street.

See, moment embraced and I just came up with a quote. I am now officially forever immortalised *evil laugh* I mean 'Yay!'

Here is a link to the article featuring the letter, as I believe that everyone should pause for a moment and read this:

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