The Artist Among Us

If you said to me ‘Hey Bute, how would you describe yourself?’

I would obviously sarcastically reply ‘A film festival, duh’ but then I would pause for a moment and come back with something slightly more insightful and all kinds of profound – probably just to me but hey. It would go a little something like this:

‘Bute Street is that new born baby. Epic chubby cheeks, with those tiny little cute feet that grown ups pretend to bite – what’s up with that by the way? Just an all-round ball of unnecessary cuteness that everyone now wants to weirdly express themselves to. Even though we’ve just popped out into this crazy colourful world’.

You see that baby’s face? We love that stuff. We can turn any seemingly normal, professional looking adult into a gurgling, telly tubby speaking puddle of awww.

By now, you’re probably wondering where this baby analogy is going. Or, you’re just weird as hell and rolling with it – we appreciate you. Having created this beautiful monster of all things creative we have had an outpouring of phenomenally talented creatives wanting to express themselves and their work at our first event.

So, that obviously got us thinking.

How many more of these seemingly normal creative geniuses are among us? (Cue Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act 2: No. 10), I won’t lie I was listening to it while writing the last paragraph, try it it’s an experience.

They could be your sister, your mother, colleague, bin man or you! Creators of the most innovative and moving pieces of independent art, photography and or film.

Yes, that is a picture of some of the coolest characters from X Men. As we creators are Marvel cool.

Or, maybe it’s still that strange kid that won’t leave that dark corner. Either way, creators are basically mutant heroes and stop biting babies feet (it’s only weird). Find those strange normal people and get involved, whether that is submitting your work or just coming along to get inspired. #roadtobutestreet

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