What is 'creative block' all about?

Easily the second most frustrating thing.

Behind finding out that the life sized panda in that toy store is in fact not a real panda but a stuffed lifeless teddy.

Heartbreak ensues and you turn to cake.

Only to find that the cake tastes old and dry and now in the midst of teary despair you have now built an alter on which to burn your work.

Dramatic yes, realistic not so much.

But we can all agree that it is pretty darn annoying.

Everyone always talks about how to break through that creative wall, I was thinking that's way too productive and helpful. So, I decided to muse about what on earth causes it?!

So, I of course got out a few books to read on the subject. Then went to google about it and ended up on Sky Sports like magic reading about the upcoming AJ fight #TeamAJeveryday.

Turns out that wasn't even remotely helpful to my research purposes.

So, I just stopped and thought for a moment but I had so much going on in my head that I couldn't really focus on the task in hand.

Then boom!

It hit me like an egg shaped ball in the face.

That's it! The reason for creative block is us.

We use life and our experiences as our source of inspiration for our creative endeavours but it is also a double edged sword. As life and all its craziness from time to time clutters our mind in an unhelpful way - similar to my Sky Sports/Creative block reasons search - and the noise blocks out the creative part of our mind. The more we try to reconnect the more frustrated we get which ironically makes the block worse.

Like my Virgin Media internet connection, when it's not connecting properly there is nothing that you can do but disconnect and occupy yourself with something else until the server is clear.

Don't be scared of it or doubt your talent when it occurs, it happens to absolutely everyone. It's just a part of the process, like me trying to convince the Chinese government that I can totally look after a panda. I mean, I've watched tons of videos on Instagram I'm basically a professional now.

Give it a few decades, I'll convince them.

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