What is creative harmony?

Creativity is a multi-faceted beast.

It's not just sufficient to just be creatively inclined, you also have to create and maintain the conditions for it to grow and be productive.

Think about it.

First scenario.

When you first came out of the proverbial 'closet' of creativity and you finally found the courage to tell everyone that you were an artist of some ilk you had this one small idea buzzing around your head bugging you begging to be brought to life.

With your new found freedom and acceptance of self you created this 'thing', lets say the 'thing' is a script in this instance. That then snowballed into another script and then another. You then start seeking out like minded liberated creatives, go to writing seminars, film festivals and quickly find that your friend and work circle is homogeneously creative. Before you know it you're over 25 scripts deep and working on creative projects bigger than you could have ever imagined and it feels as natural to you as breathing.

Your creative soil my friend is officially watered and fertile.

Second scenario.

You let fear take over about what people might think or say to or about you. You let peoples unqualified 'no experience, just seen a load or TV and film so must be an expert' opinion take precedence over your gut feeling. You surround yourself with negative people and don't take responsibility of removing people from your circle that drain you emotionally. Quickly find yourself spending the rest of your life telling a select few people how you had these really great ideas that 'could have really been something y'know' but you just weren't 'lucky enough'.

Dream dead.

Your soil, dryer than a conversation with Kim Kardashian.

I imagine.

Both scenarios are real.

The first is Bute Street and all those amazing filmmakers and artists that took that huge step out of their comfort zone and submitted their work to not just us but hundreds of other festivals. The second is the even bigger group of people who let their creative soil go unwatered.

The silver lining in this part sad tale is that if you're part of said second group and you're reading this it is not too late. Also, if you're not dead that helps too. I guess you would have to be alive to read this but just because you're alive doesn't necessarily mean that you would be reading this. So, we've established that you're alive and you're reading this - second group people - or somehow had an epiphany of some sort about this it is not too late for you.

When I wrote 'it is not too late for you' I said it in my head in the same way English people abroad speak to non-English speakers. I have no explanation for that.

When I encourage you to come to Bute Street Festival I'm not just doing that because its my job and it would be amazing to have a full house. What would make me stupidly happy would be to have first group people but even more second group people there rediscovering that creative light bulb moment that they allowed life to dim. Hearing stories afterwards about how people were inspired to write, draw, paint, crochet, knit and teach their gimmick weary dog how to 'dance' among many other things would inspire us and help water our soil.

I feel as if I've drained all I can out of this soil analogy.

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