Promote your Business

Promote your business at our event days

As a business owner you want to find the right opportunities to promote your products and what your brand stands for to the right people. As a film festival one of our core values is collectively coming together as a community and supporting each other, and this goes for our local businesses too.


The attendees of the festival come from all over the UK to enjoy a weekend of Films, Art, Music and festival hospitality. 


If you are interested in promoting your business by being a stall holder on one of our event days or over the whole weekend please contact





Am I restricted on what I can have on my stall?


Yes, nothing illegal. Also, due to us moving into the newly renovated £1 million Hat Factory all food will be sold via the venue. This does restrict us to accepting only non-food stalls. 


How much does it cost to get a stall at the festival?


For all rates please get in contact via 


What will the festival provide for my stall?


You will be provided with a table and chair and all other items to set up your stall will need to be brought with you.