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Hidden Tiger Films & Sonia Chowdary First Documentary ‘Made in Luton’

After our recent homegrown festival, it became evident that we should keep you in the loop about any exciting creative gatherings taking place in Luton.

What recently caught our attention was the locally produced gem, "Made

in Luton" by Hidden Tiger Films, as well as Sonia Chowdary's project

commissioned by Revoluton Arts. The moment we heard of this event, we

knew it was an event that could not be missed.

Although this was a miniature screening, every seat was occupied, and

I'm quite certain there were more community members eager for a ticket

to see the film – we just managed to secure ours in time!

The room buzzed with supporters of the creators involved, along with

attendees eager to hear Luton's voice. As drinks flowed and an

abundance of Asian cuisine circulated, everyone took their seats.

Rest assured, we won't divulge too many spoilers about the film, as we hope it will be shared with the broader community. And from what we'veheard, it will be, so keep your eyes peeled when Revoluton announces


During her exploration, Sonia engaged with a diverse array of people –

from passersby on the street to shopkeepers, and the likes of Hasina

the owner of Pink Diamond Gym, along with our deputy mayor, just to

drop a few names. They all shared their perspectives on Luton, its

current state, and their anticipation for a more positive portrayal of

the town.

Personally, what struck a chord with us was the yearning for community Integration and the open invitation to experience the culinary delights and other offerings of Bury Park.

The evening drew to a close with an abundance of food and musical performances. Leaving the event, we felt very much a part of the community and pleasantly satiated. All in all, it was a truly delightful evening, and we can only hope that Hidden Tiger Films and Sonia might consider releasing special editions that didn't quite make the final cut, but are undoubtedly worth a watch.

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