Bute Street


The main goal of Bute Street Festival is to promote independent film and visual and digital art, creating new audiences in an area and demographic which for a long time has been neglected in this regard. Our key demographic is young people with a real emphasis on engagement and ownership of the experience. Participants and volunteers are a part of our strategic and important partnerships with other individuals and companies to create a strong network of creativity in Luton to increase opportunities for creative engagement in the local community. Partners such as the University of Bedfordshire and Cineworld give the volunteers and participants a range of aspirational pathways through creativity, project management and dissemination of their work.


We are achieving this through hosting festival days in Luton showcasing independent films, art and music from international and local creatives. To grow our offer we have teamed up with the BFI to deliver creative surgeries and Labs throughout the year so that people at all creative stages can network, learn, develop and gain new skills to not only engage with art but also have the skills and support to create their own content.


Ultimately, we want to act as a gateway to the arts. Film, music and art are accessible mediums to many low-engagement target audiences. Through creating an environment that is relaxed, welcoming and not intimidating to someone taking their first steps into exploring this area we aim to re-frame creative practice for the locality whilst also playing our part in re-writing the narrative of Luton into a positive, developing and exciting place of opportunities, cultural depth and relevance.

becoming a sponsor

We have an ambitious mission and we would love for you to be a part of that journey.  We offer a number of sponsorship options with some really attractive perks, to put yourself and or your business at the forefront of a festival which is quickly becoming a real force in the arts scene. As well as helping to ensure that we can reach and help as many young people taking their first steps in the art scene as possible. Whilst also securing a legacy of cultural and artistic access.

To discuss sponsorship options in more detail please contact Benjamin Cyrus-Clark at benjamin@butestreetfilmfestival.com 

Award Sponsorship - £500

Networking and Event Sponsorship - £750

August Features Event Sponsorship - £1,500

April Shorts Event Sponsorship - £2,000

Year Long Sponsorship - £4,750




Thank you for showing interest in donating to Bute Street Film & Arts Festival and reading into what we stand for and our mission. We are an independently funded festival so all the support we can get matters! When making a donation it contributes to spreading the word, bring in well known guest speakers, and to help support the event days. If you wish to donate hit the PayPal button below. 



Thank You from the Bute Street Film & Arts Festival team